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Ricky Brown

Chicago (Hyde Park), IL

Ricky Brown is a native of Jackson MS residing in Chicago IL since 2013. He and his wife Amber live in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and both have a burden to plant healthy reproducing churches. They are presently planting New Creation Church, a community that has discipleship and reaching the lost at its core. There are 200,000 people that live within a 3 mile radius of Hyde Park but few Bible-centered Protestant churches in the neighborhood. This presents a great urgency to see God’s Kingdom come to Hyde Park as it is in heaven. The vision of the church is to become a community of disciples who make disciples and a church that plants churches throughout the world. Opening day is in September 2018!

Ricky has preached the Gospel in several countries as well as in conferences, churches, and prisons throughout the United States. He has served in pastoral ministry for the last 14 years as an, Associate Pastor, Youth and Young Adult Pastor, and also as an Executive Pastor. A musician since he was ten years old, Ricky love to play alto and soprano sax.

Ricky is a licensed pilot. In fact, he gave up pursuing a career as a commercial pilot to answer God’s call to pastoral ministry. From the time he served on active duty in the United States Air Force, to being heavily involved in world missions, Ricky has felt that God had ordered his steps and shaped him for the task of church planting. Whenever he can get away he enjoys fishing, traveling, and playing basketball.

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Sameer Dabit

Los Angeles (North Hills), CA

Sameer was born and raised in a Palestinian home in Burbank, Ca. He attended Catholic Church but struggled with church traditions. At the age of 16, things in his life took a turn. He stopped attending the Catholic Church and began to focus more on school and football. A friend invited him to play basketball at a local Baptist church. There he heard the Gospel for the first time.

When he was 18, Sameer began to preach and lead alongside the youth pastor in the same ministry where he came to know Christ. He also started a high school football coaching career at Monroe High School in North Hills, Ca. Coaching football and youth ministry went hand in hand for him. The football field was his mission field and many young men and women received Jesus through the youth ministry.

Sameer and his beautiful wife, Shirley have been married for seven years and have two wonderful daughters, Anaiah and Zoie. He received his Bachelor of Theology with a major in Christian Ministries from The King’s University.

Sameer knows he has been called by God to plant a church in North Hills, CA, the city where He played high school football, began developing his skills as a leader/coach, and where he served for over a decade in ministry to students. His vision is to empower people to change their world through the Gospel in the city of North Hills, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and beyond.


Rob Daniels

Lewisville, TX

Rob was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is the husband to Whitney and the father to their two sons, Levi Henry and Simon King. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Biology where he and Whitney first met. In college Rob was invited to a bible study and through the faithful reading of God’s Word he came to faith and starting following Jesus Christ.

After graduating, Rob went on staff with the Navigators in Maryland at Bowie State University where he led Bible studies, shared the gospel on campus, and helped to build a campus ministry. During his time in Maryland, he served overseas in Burkina Faso, Africa and two years in Bowie, Maryland. Following these ministry experiences, Rob felt a greater call to the work of ministry within the local church. He moved back to Dallas to pursue theological training at Dallas Theological Seminary. Rob also started serving full-time at The Village Church as the Connections Minister. 

At The Village the vision for Church planting began to develop for Rob and he and Whitney began to seek the Lord in prayer over launching a church in Lewisville, TX. Rob has a desire to see the lost come to faith and to be discipled into maturity as well as seeing the local church look more like Revelation 7:9 where every tribe, tongue and nation will worship to the glory of God.

In his free time Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and their two sons and working in the garden. He has a love for Jesus and the mission of God. Rob is passionate about pursuing people and shepherding the saints to make disciples who make disciples.


Tim Kimberley

Collins, Iowa

Tim thoroughly enjoyed being born and raised on a farm in rural central Iowa in the community of Collins-Maxwell-Baxter.  His family has lived in the area since the 1850s. Collins, a town of 450 people, is the closest to where he grew up.  

Tim was on the Rugby team at the University of Northern Iowa, in 1997, when a conviction of his sins led him to Jesus.  His dream had been to be the next computer innovator like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. That dream changed. Now he wanted to preach the Word and see people come to know, love, and live for Jesus. He still dabbles in the tech world by developing an iOS app called Bible Map.

After working for 5 years as a computer programmer for John Deere, in 2001, Tim went to Dallas Theological Seminary, where he worked full-time as their web designer while getting his Th.M. in Historical Theology.  In 2007, Tim moved his family to Portland, Oregon to be part of a pastoral team planting through Fellowship Associates.  In 2010, they moved to the Oklahoma City area to be director of a theological training coffee shop called the Credo House.  From there, Tim became an elder/pastor at Frontline Church in Oklahoma City.  In 2014, Tim joined two other Frontline elders planting their fourth congregation in Edmond, Oklahoma.  

Two years ago, Tim strongly felt the Lord calling his family back to central rural Iowa to plant a church.  More than 80% of people in rural Iowa are not Christians.  50% of those people will tell you they have no religious beliefs at all.  Of the 8,000 people who live in a 15-mile region, surprisingly, 3,300 of them are kids.  Their plan, Lord willing, is to see a church planting church begin forming in rural central Iowa by Fall of 2019.


Brady Sharp

Lawton, OK

Brady grew up in north Texas as the son of a pastor. As a young boy sitting in the pew of a church, Brady told God he would be willing to do whatever he asked as long as it wasn’t being a missionary or a pastor. At the age of ten, Brady came to the saving knowledge of Christ, but it was during his college years that a roommate began to help him understand how the gospel applied into every corner of his heart. During this time, Brady met his wife, Melissa, and his first opportunity opened to serve in ministry leadership.

Brady and Melissa have been blessed with three living children, and they view raising their children as the first line of discipleship in their home.

After almost 20 years of leading ministries as part of existing churches, God opened the opportunity and the means to plant a church in Lawton, Ok—a military town. Brady and family moved to Lawton in July of 2017 with the plan to plant Credence Church. They love the people of Lawton, Fort Sill, and southwest Oklahoma, and desire to see the Good News of Jesus filter into every workplace, every marketplace, and every household. They live and work and minister in Lawton with Brady as a missionary and a pastor.


Jeremy Stuart

Cape Cod, MA

Jeremy grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He didn't meet a Christian until the age of 21, while he was pursuing a degree in Biology that he hoped would lead to a career in medicine. Out of the fear that God would rob him of that dream, he resisted the idea of handing over his life to Jesus. It wasn't until he heard the gospel at a Bible-believing church that he realized Jesus had already handed over His own life for him. It was there that he trusted Jesus and it was then that his desires began to shift away from medicine and toward ministry.

A couple of years later he met his wife, Liana. She was singing on the worship team at church. For him, it was love-at-first-sound. They quickly bonded and were married two years later. The Stuarts moved to Dallas in 2013, where Jeremy attended and graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM). They served as home group leaders at The Village Church where they met Clint Patronella, a former FA Resident. They were introduced to Clint because of their mutual dream to plant a church in Massachusetts. In 2016, the Stuarts moved back to their home state to help Clint plant Seven Mile Road (Waltham, MA) and to prepare to plant a church on Cape Cod.

As Jeremy completes the final year of a three-year residency at Seven Mile Road, the Stuarts are getting ready to move again to plant a church in Hyannis, the hub of Cape Cod. The vision for 2019
is to plant a church that will make Jesus known in Hyannis and plant more churches throughout the Cape Cod region.

In 2015 the Stuart’s welcomed their daughter, Noelle, into the world. They're looking forward to welcoming another toddler through adoption by Christmas 2018.


Philip Woods

Longmont, CO

Philip was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. In college, through involvement with a campus ministry, Philip’s heart was ignited for evangelism, for discipleship, and to study God’s Word. It was during this time that he decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life working to advance the gospel. In 2004 he married his wife, Julie. After graduating with a degree in Spanish Education from Northeastern State University, he taught and coached in the public schools for six years. As a teacher and coach, Philip was continually motivated by the challenge of sharing the gospel and raising up godly leaders in the public schools.  

In 2011 Philip felt that God was leading him to make a vocational change. After much prayer, he took a position in the local church which he was attending. Over the next six years, he had opportunities to work in children and family ministry, student ministry, and in an executive role overseeing other ministry leaders on staff and the adult ministries of the church. While working in the local church, Philip began working towards a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.  

In 2015 God began to stir Philip’s heart for church planting. For about two years, he wrestled with the idea, even praying and hoping that the idea would go away. However, that is not what happened. Through encouragement of friends, talks with Julie, and through attending conferences Philip’s desires to plant a church only increased. He had fallen in love with the vision of reaching the lost through the multiplication of churches. As a result, Philip and Julie decided to make a move to Longmont, Colorado in August 2017. There they partnered with The Well Boulder and Acts 29 in hopes to plant The Well Longmont in August 2018.  

Philip and Julie have been married for fourteen years and have three sons: Carter, Caleb, and Collin.