Each Fellowship Associates Church Planting Resident is responsible for cultivating a team of financial partners to launch their church. For the majority of our church plants, it takes between three to five years to become financially self-sufficient. These investments come from individual contributors, church partnerships and foundations to provide the foundational capital needed to get these new churches off the ground.


Current Residents

Thomas Anderson

Recurring Donations

Drew Cline

Recurring Donations

Brad Edwards

Recurring Donations

Rob Maine

Recurring Donations

Clint Patronella

Recurring Donations

Chris Poblete

Recurring Donations

Trent Senske

Recurring Donations

Charles Shannon

Recurring Donations


Previous Residents

Curtis Allen

Kason Branch

Terrence Brooks

Kris Brossett

Mike Dsane

Rodolfo (Rudy) Garza III

Juan Maclean

Samuel Orrico

Joel Sengoga

Josh Tovey


Residency General Fund

Donations to Fellowship Associates residents are processed through our affiliate, Fellowship Bible Church Little Rock. 'Fellowship Bible Church' is the name you will see on your credit card statement and PayPal receipts. Fellowship Bible Church will also send you a statement in January reflecting your contributions for the previous year.

Contact Fellowship Bible Church at (501) 224-7172 ext. 1319 for assistance with online giving. For information on how to cancel a recurring payment, click here.